Corporate Brand Protection for every:

  • Country
  • State
  • Province
  • Territory
  • Region
  • Jurisdiction

Use this customizable app to protect your Corporate

  • Worksite (including remote sites)
  • Store
  • Outlet
  • Branch
  • Franchise
  • Distributorship
  • Dealership
  • Facility
  • Garage (repair workshop)
  • Club

Enable Safety & Health compliance at every worksite, worldwide (Safety & Health professionals keep your business legally compliant) via:

  • Specialized Smartphone app (no data stored on device)
  • Online Chat
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Text/SMS

Features and Benefits:

  • Achieve the same look and feel between all sites (branches and franchises) worldwide
  • All sites will operate as per Corporate Policy in real-time
  • White labeling
  • Customization
  • All site compliance with directives will be immediately visible and trackable
  • The app gathers, stores and produces evidence of your virtual monitoring (audit trail)
  • Eliminate bias (Remote monitoring removes ‘old boys club’ biases, which occur when the monitoring person builds a relationship that enables non-compliance with corporate policy)
  • Audit History per site
  • Safety and Health compliance for each site
  • Workplace activity reports
  • Virtual monitoring reduces carbon footprints
  • Monitoring can be done by your Corporate Head Office or by ourselves as an independent Third Party (Franchisees prefer third party monitoring as it removes their discomfort that Big Brother is watching)
  • Experienced consultants (we have done this many times before so can provide input on best practice)
  • Can still work offline for remotely located sites (The app is designed to use very little data and bandwidth AND can work offline. However, ideally, a remote worksite needs to connect once every 4-6 weeks to upload/download data to maintain the integrity of the Audit Trail, especially if utilizing the Safety and Health capabilities (Audit Trails offer legal protections in a Court of Law)
  • Free 120-day trial to qualifying corporates (Four FREE months of service to four of your worksites to prove the concept and fine-tune to your specific requirements)
  • Cancel anytime, no lock-in contracts, no cancellation fees

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Most frequent questions and answers

VirtualSafety has been using and perfecting virtual monitoring since 2002.
Drones started being used by OSHA Inspectors (USA) in 2016.

Virtual inspections are recognized and embraced worldwide because they’re safer and quicker, while a myriad of sensor combinations can also be added, such as thermal imaging.

Wearable Technology is now also accepted and promoted to record slip, trip and fall incidences, and corresponding response times.

Drones and smart devices are enabling robotic automation without geographical restriction, and the opportunities for technological development and integration are advancing every day.

IT Runway conforms to the following essential components of Records Management:

  • Retention schedule complies with up-to-date laws and regulations
  • Indexing accuracy and accessibility of documents
  • Training and communication among staff and departments
  • Protection and preservation of records
  • Timely and consistent destruction of inactive files

ISO 15489-1 establishes the core concepts and principles for the design, implementation, and management of policy, information systems and processes allowing people, organizations, governments, private enterprises, and collaborative coalitions to:

  • Create and capture records to meet requirements for evidence of business activity
  • Take appropriate action to protect the authenticity, reliability, integrity, and usability of records, as well as their business context, and to identify requirements for their management over time