Creative Content

Our Three Services include:

1. Content Marketing


Mobile App Development

Domain Selection, Hosting, Security and Website Maintenance

Ecommerce Website Development

Set up to function across all devices for the sale of digital and physical products and services with sales-boosting provided via instant financing to your potential customers (T’s & C’s apply).

Branding and Graphic Design, including the creation of Logos

Set up to provide the visual symbols that will become synonymous with your organization's values, products, services, and people.


Set up to post articles of interest and informative content in relevant social media channels, either daily, weekly, or monthly on your behalf. Also, create, design, and manage your adverts either on a per campaign or daily/weekly/monthly basis. All content is, where possible, both content keyword optimized and trending keyword optimized.


Set up to provide striking visualizations of your data and analytics for always-on, cross-channel analysis providing you with the correct KPIs, trends, and drill-downs as often as suits you. Truly the best in KPI management to achieve true collaboration and facilitate better decision making with cross-channel data visualization for every campaign.

*Email, Text/SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram Campaigns

Set up to achieve your outreach objectives. Do you want to generate more sales, increase website visitors, or get users to answer a survey? Once your objectives are established, we can decide on the content of your mailer, best times to send, frequency, and subject headlines to deliver the most impact.
*Data verifications are undertaken at every level to protect the integrity of the outreach.

Strategic Marketing

It is key to optimize your ROI by picking the right platforms and forums that will provide the best returns for your product or service. We specialize in decreasing your costs per lead to reduce your cost of sales. We can drive leads and create engagement across all platforms. With experience in both direct and digital sales, we understand the hot buttons that cause people to become customers.

Social Media Campaigns

Set up to provide video, graphics, webinars, summits, podcasts, blog productions, and ‘special offer’ promotions with value-added Audio Services. We create and design social media profiles relevant to your product or service, respond to any online comments or questions PLUS manage all your customer reviews and complaints in the best way possible. Anything technical can be checked by yourselves beforehand.

Website and Funnel Designs

Set up to be responsive to any device used, we offer 100’s of website and funnel templates for you to choose from to immediately jumpstart your online presence. Or choose to catch the attention of your customers with a custom-developed website or funnel. Website optimization is a technique for marketers to adjust their websites, so they’re more visible in the eyes of Google and other search engines, whereas Funnel optimization is for maximizing sales conversions. Tip: If your website was developed before 2015, owing to Google’s rule changes, you are likely losing customers to the competition and should talk to us.

Website Audits

Done at $29 per webpage to ensure your website conforms to best practices legally, best practices technically, and has relevant content that is easy to find and search engine friendly. For every one of your webpages, our tools will highlight certain keywords which have the biggest search volumes, and we will suggest using these, or the lower tier, where competition isn’t too high (for organic SEO) or expensive (for paid SEO). The website audit identifies the necessary work, which can either be done by yourselves, or by us if you prefer.

Paid Advertising Management

Done by utilizing Google’s AdWords or payment options on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. Frequently this becomes essential for companies battling to rank on Google’s first page because of the competition surrounding their chosen keywords, in which case, payment for those keywords gets you ahead of the crowd. We can pause and continue your campaigns as you please.


Utilizing the latest in accumulated knowledge surrounding Google’s secret algorithms, there are probably over 200 factors that go into ranking content in Google and other search engines. Bounce rate, time to load site, time on site, click-through rate (depending on the position), number of authoritative backlinks are just a few to mention, all of which can be re-worked to provide website traffic customers for free.


To build your brand with consistency and clarity, we create, design, write, and send out daily informative and interesting posts. Sometimes it’s only a monthly newsletter on your behalf, informing your customers of any news, promotions, and important info, including Whitepapers and Case Studies. Since you know your product better than anyone else, you may overlook important aspects of it and do yourself a disservice. A fresh pair of eyes provides you with an outsider's perspective.

Note: Over half of your traffic should come directly as a result of your ‘optimized’ blog content. By optimized, we mean enabling ‘keyword’ sensitivity to both “content” and “real-time” issues, which are two tasks we refer to as content keyword optimization and trending keyword optimization, respectively.

We write about anything you would like. It could be general information about your brand or a specific topic that you feel would be of benefit to your customers. However, for success, your copy needs to be optimized for keyword sensitivity; this isn’t just writing; it’s content and trending optimization for maximum exposure.

Now with maximum exposure of your material, as copywriters, we also create that call to action within your material. That action might be for people to purchase, opt-in, or engage with a product, service, or company.

With good content marketing, your website can earn thousands of visitors per month without spending a cent on PPC.

2. Influencer Marketing & PR

Lead generation leveraging influencer relationships, for example, extremely popular but relevant podcasters, bloggers, journalists, and captains of industry.

It’s getting harder and harder to earn your audience’s trust as the competition is rising – and brands are using all sorts of tricks and gimmicks to get attention. 

But what if someone you trust recommended a product? Would you be more inclined to check it out? 

Influencer marketing is when well-known experts in your industry organically advocate for your products or services with their audience. It’s the fastest-growing channel of online customer acquisition methods.

Some studies show that influencer marketing is growing almost twice as fast as its second rival, organic search. Owing to its effectiveness, its ROI is good.

There are two main benefits to external reviews:

  1. They are indirectly promoting your product/service to their audience, which increases your sales.
  2. You are getting backlinks from popular websites, which helps with your website ranking.


Backlinks from authoritative sources are the necessary Off-page SEO work to rank in Google. Backlinks from bloggers, journalists, and industry leaders are recognized as a “vote” of popularity in the eyes of Google will not only result in direct sales from their audience but also dramatically help to improve your search rankings.

For the promotion of your Social Content, we not only utilize the latest tools to maximize likes, looks, click-throughs, virality, and sales, but we follow an 80/20 rule: 20% writing, 80% promotion. That means for every hour spent creating a post, 4 hours need to be devoted to Public Relations by promoting that content via blogger outreach and email for optimal results. The goal of our blogger outreach campaigns is to gain backlinks, and having more backlinks helps your content rank higher on Google. Why? On-page SEO is the easy stuff, such as making sure your site is mobile compatible, ensuring the pages load fast, optimizing your title and meta tags, etc. The reason it’s so much easier is that these tactics are all under your control. But having a healthy site is only one side of the coin. Millions of websites are optimized and contain the keywords that users are searching for, but that doesn’t mean they have valid information for users – they could be spam or gambling sites. So what can Google do to improve user experience? For Google to be sure that it is maximizing the user experience, it turns to the most important ranking factor: social proof. Meaning, how many other authoritative, relevant websites are linking to your page? This is known as Off-page SEO, and these backlinks from bloggers and journalists are considered as a “vote” of popularity in the eyes of Google and will dramatically help to increase your rankings. Backlinks have been a core ranking factor for years because they’re extremely difficult to get, and only 6% of the world’s content has external links; the rest have none whatsoever.

Virtually everything in Google is about ranking higher to drive traffic to your website; and in most cases, the more qualified traffic you have, the more customers you will gain and to do this, Both On-page and Off-page work is necessary, and yes, it gets more complicated in terms of link types and the many categories of people to be approached. We will handle all of this for you. Without experience, your return on expended Off-page effort will be zero.

Also, where possible, make sure you offer a sample of your product to the Influencer so that they can experience your product before they decide to mention you to their list. So now, the main question is, how in the world would you get others to review your product with their followers?

Without a sizeable following, you will encounter barriers to entry for some strategies; however, everyone starts somewhere. Let us help.

3. Co-Marketing (Partnerships)

Lead generation through partnerships occurs when two companies collaborate on promotional efforts for a co-branded offer. In a co-marketing partnership, both companies promote a piece of content or product and share the results of that promotion.” 

The whole point of co-marketing is for two non-competing companies with similar customer bases to tap into each other’s audience.

There are different strategies to experiment with, depending on your scenario to determine which one works best. Shared eBooks and joint Webinar campaigns work well, but it must be made easy for partners to promote the campaign. Partners need continual reminding to promote and share their progress, and one should record their actions to keep track of social shares and blog mentions. We manage all of this for you to ensure partners are holding their end of the bargain.

Final Thoughts

We earn customer trust and loyalty by subscribing to the FOUR digital Ps of marketing: 

Privacy, Permission, Personalization, and Performance (ROI)

New legislation, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), have been some of the positive changes recently to make sure brands implement key marketing tactics such as personalization.

In a day and age where data-driven decisions are crucial, and dashboard reporting is expected by clients, we solve this expectation as a necessity and not just a novelty, hence our striking cross-channel reports providing you with the correct KPIs, trends, and drill-downs as often as suits you.

Our permission-based data strategies earn customer trust and loyalty.

Our digital marketing services drive more qualified leads to your website, nurture those leads through various touchpoints, and transform your leads into conversions. Our highly skilled digital marketing strategists have the expertise and know-how to grow your business while keeping your marketing budget on track.

Good digital marketing services —–˃ more website visitors ——˃ turn prospects into leads   ——˃ turn leads into sales

Let us get you started. We will focus on your ROI. We are always taking steps to add more value to your online presence

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